A Compact Powerhouse A Compact Powerhouse
We live in a world of mystery and imagination. Is Bigfoot real? Are there aliens being hidden by the air force? What's actually in your sausages or baby food? Some mysteries are more fun than others. But how can you tell exactly what's in your processed foods? There's a simple answer to that: process your meals. And it doesn't need to be a lot of work. With the right tools, a powerful motor, and a bit of imagination, the only mystery is how, unlike Bigfoot, it has such a small footprint on your kitchen counter.
The Discreet Power Behind the Chef
How can you tell a proud chef? It's how close you get to the ingredients you use. Some will always start a meal by pricking the clingfilm lid and turning on the microwave. And some will grow their wheat, grind it by hand, and bake their bread. But if you want to make your food and get closer to the ingredients, then the right tools are essential, especially if, like the ingredients, they’re just the right size.
If you're making home hot dogs for movie night, then the only filler should be from a poorly scripted rom-com or superhero movie. You know that whatever appears on the screen, what's on your plate is the real thing. And so do your lucky guests. If you're chopping up burgers for a BBQ, then you know what's going in looks like meat.
And if you're blending baby food, then you're fully aware that you, not a food scientist, approved each ingredient.  It’s got a quiet, style and it likes to sit unobtrusively on your counter.
A Box of Magic Tricks for Your Kitchen
Food is a kind of magic; it brings people together and turns ingredients into amazing creations. If you've got your powerful grinder, you can see every stage of that magic happen and wow your kitchen audience.