Culture of Innovation

Rooted in a rich legacy of innovation, we blend smart ideas with groundbreaking technologies,
transforming everyday moments into delightful experiences.


Smart Ideas with Style

This unique formula shapes our ingenious ethos, mirrored in our signature designs, pioneering concepts, meticulous attention to detail,commitment to British craftsmanship, and infusion of delight moments into every household.


Morphy Richards x the British Museum

Maiolica Kitchen

The new Maiolica-inspired collection combines aspects of the traditional art form with smart designs fit for the modern kitchen to evoke a sense of Italian luxury and sophistication that can now be incorporated directly into the heart of your home.


Over 80 Years of Smart Ideas

The unwavering commitmentto adding smart ideas to kitchens and daily life enables thecreation of
small appliances that simply make things better.


Latest News and Insights

Morphy Richards Awards

Morphy Richards Awarded Red Dot Award 2022 with Flip Flop Oven.


Ancient Egypt’s Love for Cats Combined with an Essential Travel Product

Morphy Richards China Appointed a New Brand Ambassador

Morphy Richards China’s new brand ambassador: Shu Qi.

Morphy Richards Steam Spray Electric Kettles

Steam Spray Electric Kettle that redefines the tea-making experience.

This Week's Hot Reads

The Heart of My Kitchen

The heart of most homes is the kitchen, isn't it? And as always, I want my heart to be warm, safe, clean, and functional? Including the chopping board and knives, because they need to cut through whatever I'm going to cook while cutting out bacteria for a safe, clean kitchen and fresh-smelling one.


The Kitchen's Jack of All Trades

Does your kitchen need a Jack of all trades? How about a cooking pot for all cuisines? One that sits unobtrusively but stylishly in the corner of your kitchen, ready to spring to life and transform into one of ten cooking methods? With a deep pan, steam pan, and grill pan, it's ready to let you take your cooking on an adventure.


A Compact Powerhouse

We live in a world of mystery and imagination. Is Bigfoot real? Are there aliens being hidden by the air force? What's actually in your sausages or baby food? Some mysteries are more fun than others. But how can you tell exactly what's in your processed foods? There's a simple answer to that: process your meals. And it doesn't need to be a lot of work. With the right tools, a powerful motor, and a bit of imagination, the only mystery is how, unlike Bigfoot, it has such a small footprint on your kitchen counter.


For the New Nomads

Our lives have become nomadic again, thanks to technology, and that's a good thing. Now you can take your work with you wherever you go; wherever you have a phone signal, you can be part of your global social network. The only time you should end up back home is for refreshment or perhaps to sleep. Or you can pick up something to eat on the go; it's a shame it's either going to cost a lot or be full of artificial nasties, or not. But you're used to looking for modern solutions to old problems, aren't you?