The Heart of My Kitchen The Heart of My Kitchen
The heart of most homes is the kitchen, isn't it? And as always, I want my heart to be warm, safe, clean, and functional. Including the chopping board and knives, because they need to cut through whatever I'm going to cook while cutting out bacteria for a safe, clean kitchen and fresh-smelling one.
The Chef Adventurer
I'm a chef, adventurer, and explorer. Being invited into my kitchen is to be invited into a laboratory, museum, and playground. But I also want a clean minimalist design that fits in with cool steel or modern marble surfaces. I want to know that once I've cleaned up, not only are my tools put away and looking smart, but they're also on my side, fighting that last chance of bacterial infection.
That's why the chopping board and knife sterilizer is the sous chef you didn't know you needed. While I'm not using my knives and boards, it gently blows warm air over them to keep them not only clean but also bacteria-free. So if you're catering to that friend with sensitivity to even the word "bug," maybe they'll eat your salad and not bring their own from home in a ziplock bag? These tools may have a clean, fresh design, but there is complexity underneath.
Or if you're catering for a friend with young kids, you can chop up some fruit without worrying about giving them any bugs. Your home should be a warm, safe space, and when you take a knife or board out of the sterilizer rack, it's not only safe but also warm to the touch.
But also, if you're feeling bold and experimental in your cooking styles, then the sterilizer is at your side. Cutting up a rare steak, wild mushrooms, or whatever potentially risky foods you might want to try? You know that there won't be any bacteria on your tools when you get started.
Your Home's Safest Space
The kitchen is the heart of your home; it should be fun, experimental, and safe. Clean, warm, germ-free boards and knives make this more likely.