For the New Nomads For the New Nomads
Our lives have become nomadic again, thanks to technology, and that's a good thing. Now you can take your work with you wherever you go; wherever you have a phone signal, you can be part of your global social network. The only time you should end up back home is for refreshment or perhaps to sleep. Or you can pick up something to eat on the go; it's a shame it's either going to cost a lot or be full of artificial nasties, or not. But you're used to looking for modern solutions to old problems, aren't you?
Setting Your Juice Loose
Fortunately, there is a solution to this conundrum: a portable blender. Now wherever I go, I have access to freshly squeezed juice or smoothies at the press of a button, and as the battery lasts for ten full blends, I can travel quite a distance, well, provided I have access to fresh fruit. Maybe more useful for the jungle than the urban jungle?
Technology should be all about making your life not only freer and more independent but also more "your" life. Now you can take it to the gym, work, the beach, or pack in your day job and be a digital nomad in Tahiti and pick the fruit from the trees for your juices it’s relaxed translucent camouflage colors, will match the sea or sunset (but hopefully not camouflage it).
Also, when you choose to be healthier, you didn't choose to be exploited. So no more drinking store-bought smoothies that cost enough to make you gag almost as much as the taste does.
Fruit on the Go
You're independent, free, and like the finest and healthiest things in your life. Get a tool that respects and endorses those lifestyle choices and squeeze all the juice out of life.