The Kitchen's Jack of All Trades The Kitchen's Jack of All Trades
Does your kitchen need a Jack of all trades? How about a cooking pot for all cuisines? One that sits unobtrusively but stylishly in the corner of your kitchen, ready to spring to life and transform into one of ten cooking methods? With a deep pan, steam pan, and grill pan, it's ready to let you take your cooking on an adventure.
Master of Many
I'm an adventurous cook; those who step into my sacred kitchen space have no idea if they're going to try Adobo from Mexico or French Haute Cuisine. They trust my skills and ambition to take them on an adventure without ever leaving the country. Like me, the multi-pot has style, and with its all-in-one design, it also fits in and is comfortable anywhere.
But what they don't want to do is have to explore the messy, inaccessible landscape of the kitchen. Steamers, rice steamers, fire-breathing kitchen blowtorches - just finding a place to sit. Hence the joy of knowing that everything was cooked in one unassuming little cooking pot. And unlike some of the one-touch-and-it's-done systems, they know you didn't just dump the ingredients in and hope the algorithm would serve the perfect Nasi Goreng.
But if you want to gift cooking or help someone avoid three years of ramen noodles and beans, this is the perfect gift for a student away from home for the first time or anyone moving to a place with a kitchen the size of a broom cupboard. Food isn't just fuel for the body; it's fuel for social life. Its good looks and compact design will at least help it fit in as everybody does in your kitchen.
Your Kitchen's Little Pot of Gold
This is a magical pot for those who want to cook with convenience but still be the master of their kitchen domain, no matter how big and no matter how many hungry mouths they can cram in.