Renaissance elegance fused
with modern design

Morphy Richards is delighted to announce a new collaboration with
the iconic British Museum – a shared vision that merges British
aesthetics and smart ideas, with the exclusive style
of Italian Renaissance Maiolica.

Maiolica Kitchen in the Renaissance

The new Maiolica-inspired Morphy Richards collection combines aspects of the
prestigious traditional art form with smart designs fit for the modern kitchen to evoke a sense of Italian luxury
andsophistication that can now be incorporated directly into the heart of your home.

Prepare with love

Whilst emanating beauty and elegance, every modern home also aspires to have a high level of efficiency in the kitchen. The first product in the range, the Knife & Chopping Board Sterilizer, illustrates the design team’s concept of interlacing British design aesthetics with the romantic touch of Italian Maiolica.

Blend in anticipation

Once ingredients have been sliced and diced, the versatile Meat Grinder is the perfect next step to peel garlic or to make baby food and sauces with consistent, reliable results, with the exquisite patterning continuing the Maiolica theme.

Fuse for the final touch

Finally, the Multifunctional Cooking Pot invites you to immerse yourself in its elegant patterning of cobalt blue and the softer warming effect of the earthier tones, whilst enjoying a variety of specialist cooking and meal creation techniques with six different styles of pan.

An Italian renaissance art form

During the Italian Renaissance, an art form evolved that saw mediaeval lead-glazed earthenware elevated by adding tin oxides. This innovative technique was later known as Maiolica. The pursuit of technical and aesthetic superiority represented by Maiolica is what inspired the production of the Morphy Richards new range.

Iconic British powerhouses join forces

The British Museum and Morphy Richards have shared a long history in shaping and informing the British cultural landscape. As a mark of mutual respect for historical contributions to innovation and design, Morphy Richards and the British Museum joined forces to build upon this legacy.