Live and Thrive in a Pure Environment Live and Thrive in a Pure Environment

For around five years, I was renting a flat near a bridge. I was within earshot of bustling traffic and could hear cars coming and going. Now I know what you're thinking, "that sounds awful, how could you stand all the noise?" While you're right, the noise was bad, but it wasn't as bad or obvious as what used to come after all the noise – the pollution.

I didn't notice it at first when I used to leave my windows open on windy days, but one day I saw all this black stuff on the window sill – it was soot! That was a eureka moment, I never could guess why I used to cough all the time without being sick. So yes that was the major trouble I had to contend with. But luckily, I stumbled upon something referred to me by a friend, the MR3500 Air Purifier, and boy, it’s a lifesaver!

Ingeniously Designed for Optimum Performance

What I love about the air purifier is the fact that it comes with a 3-stage filtration system. This means that the device has three layers of filtration: a nylon filter (that helps trap bigger air pollutants and particles), the HEPA filter (which essentially traps 95% of all dust particles and irritants in the air), and the lastly, the activated carbon filter (which helps get rid of bad odours, smoke pollutants, and the sort. More amazingly, the HEPA filter can trap and dissipate air particles as small as 0.3 microns – that is incredible!

I've seriously never breathed so easy before! The air purifier really helps convert all the bad air inside your home into good air.

Easy Breathing

The star of the show, the HEPA filter especially features a ZPT coating (zinc pyrithione), which helps get rid of 99.9% of aerial bacteria, allergens, and trapped dust particles. And when it comes to getting rid of any bad odours, such as indoor formaldehyde, the carbon filter makes quick work of it, eliminating bad odours in up to 20 minutes. Both filters combined, have the power to eliminate 95% pollen, allergens, moulds, and a variety of other particles.