Ancient Egypt’s Love for Cats Combined with an Essential Travel Product Ancient Egypt’s Love for Cats Combined with an Essential Travel Product
Morphy Richards x British Museum x Gayer-Anderson Cat
Product range launch: 20 May 2022
Morphy Richards has collaborated with the renowned British Museum to bring the allure of ancient Egypt into customers' homes.
Cats have been worshipped by humans for thousands of years. The Gayer-Anderson Cat is one of the most admired objects within the ancient Egyptian gallery at the British Museum. The elegant bronze figure depicts the Egyptian goddess Bastet.  
The unique sculpture, named after the person who donated it to the collection, was crafted over 2600 years ago. A beautifully intricate sculpture such as this, adorned with precious metals, was most likely commissioned by a wealthy Egyptian or perhaps even a king. These items were often created for a temple, a donation to the gods.  
Head Designer at Morphy Richards: “This unique item is extremely popular within the museum. We were enticed by its allure and the public's fascination with the mystery and majestic stature of cats. It was the perfect inspiration to reinvigorate one of our classic products.”
The Morphy Richards design team was inspired to create two different versions of a Gayer-Anderson Cat motif to reinvigorate the Portable Blender.
There are two portable blender designs that incorporate Morphy Richards’ classic take on British aesthetics and smart ideas. Each version shares the same functions but has been adorned with its own Gayer-Anderson Cat character, colour scheme and motif to enliven the blender for a new modern take on the original design. Whilst retaining the charm of the ancient cat, the new design has a fun stylised appearance that the target audience will love.
The concept behind the design brings an essential portable oasis to an Egyptian desert – the ability to conveniently rehydrate wherever you may travel. Each blender has a large capacity and a long battery life that can make fresh juice all day long. The motifs on each design have their own playful interpretations of the cat enjoying an action-packed day on the beach: sunbathing, bodyboarding, surfing and snorkelling, along with a trusty sidekick, a rubber duck in the guise of the iconic Egyptian sphinx.    
For another special touch, each portable blender comes with a matching cat keyring and a scannable QR code that gives the customer access to a cheeky unique emoji collection continuing the playfulness of the product.

Morphy Richards x British Museum

Introducing an on-the-go juicer adorned with the Gayer-Anderson cat from ancient Egypt