Looking Back At the Epic Culinary Duet Looking Back At the Epic Culinary Duet

Morphy Richards is a household name in the world of innovative home appliances and has been transcending customer expectations since its inception. In 2020, amidst the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, MR decided to take a bold step and partnered with Matt Healy, a MasterChef finalist.

Having worked at renowned and globally reputed eateries throughout the UK, Healy decided to recreate some of the most tantalising soup recipes, such as Cauliflower Velouté with Chorizo Oil, Cream of Tomato Soup with Cheddar Cheese Toastie, Gazpacho with Rosemary Oil, Chicken Noodle Soup and Hot & Sour Soup, and many others, adding them in a free recipe book in a partnership with Morphy Richards.

Together, MR and Healy introduced tasty recipes that weren't just delicious but also implemented the use of innovative appliances, highlighting the skills and talent of the MasterChef finalist. This delightful blend of MR's avant-garde cooking appliances and Healy's masterful touch was nothing short of mesmerising. The company also introduced a new line of cutting-edge products emphasising style and functionality, making them easier to use for both avid and professional chefs.

One of the best things about this partnership was the sheer focus on the design of the appliances. For example, Morphy Richards introduced their Soup Maker which boasted a user-friendly design, making it simpler for people to recreate these recipes themselves. The Soups of the Day collaboration was heavily inspired by the likes of The Ivy, The Ritz, The Savoy, Langan's, and Le Gavroche. The recipes are available on the Morphy Richards website and can be downloaded for free – and most importantly, they can all be made using the MR Soup Maker.

Even the Marketing Manager for Morphy Richards, Annaliese Curtis stated "With winter almost upon us, it's the perfect time to learn some simple soup recipes. Matt's easy step-by-step guide will help even the most basic cooks create mouth-watering soup recipes in minutes, with minimum fuss."

There's no question that durability and reliability have always been the company's foundations. They have a knack for surpassing expectations, and bringing customers amazing products. The collaboration with Matt Healy was just another milestone that enhanced MR's global reputation. Along with the soup maker, the Morphy Richards cooking range comprises robust materials and are some of the most long-lasting home essentials you can ever own.

In all, this unique and memorable partnership indicated the triumph of the brand and just how far it has come.