The Magical World of Wonderland for the Modern Home The Magical World of Wonderland for the Modern Home
Morphy Richards x British Museum x Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Product range launch: 20 May 2022
Morphy Richards is delighted to bring a magical spark to a best-selling product through an inspired collaboration with the iconic British Museum. This shared vision merges the mystical visuals of Wonderland with smart ideas and classic British aesthetics.
Over 150 years ago author Lewis Carroll penned the British children's book fantasy – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The story captivated children’s imaginations and still continues to be a family favourite. In this fantastical land a young girl by the name of Alice, comes face to face with strange talking creatures, magic potions and bizarre scenarios.
Within the British Museum’s collection of important artefacts in art and literature, the design team at Morphy Richards were inspired by a sheet of nine proof images made from block prints of the original illustrations by John Tenniel in 1865. A beautifully imaginative illustration of the character the White Rabbit was chosen from the collection to adorn a household-favourite Morphy Richards product.
Inspired by the famous words of the White Rabbit, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!”, the design team at Morphy Richards felt the character was perfectly fitting to adorn one of the best time-saving and efficient products within the catalogue, the Steam Iron.
Head Designer at Morphy Richards: “The classic stories from the fantastical world of Wonderland fit perfectly at home within a modern creative household. We hope this magical twist on our classic Steam Iron design will bring an element of enchantment into the home.”
The steam iron is white, lightweight, slim-line and glides efficiently, like the rabbit himself, speeding through Wonderland. The elegant design has been shrouded with intricate gold and red motifs with the character placed in a central position. Love hearts from the character’s original costume emanate from the Morphy Richards crest and spread along the smooth main body of the iron. Gold netting, ribbons and re-imagined magical flora of Wonderland create a patterning that is reflective of the designers’ eye for small details.
As the iron glides freely and effortlessly over clothes leaving a silky-smooth finish, the user can enjoy the premium military-grade quality that Morphy Richards’ products have always been known for. The continuous steam billows up around the iron creating a misty atmosphere that transports the user to the foggy forests described within the story.

Morphy Richards x British Museum

Enter the magical world of Wonderland…