The Elegance of Italian Renaissance Maiolica Fused with Classic British Design The Elegance of Italian Renaissance Maiolica Fused with Classic British Design

Morphy Richards x British Museum x Maiolica
Product range launch: 20 May 2022
Morphy Richards is delighted to announce a new collaboration with the iconic British Museum – a shared vision that merges British aesthetics and smart ideas, with the exclusive style of Italian Renaissance Maiolica.

When it comes to outfitting your home with the necessary tools for everyday living, choosing from the best appliances brands and the most reliable home appliances brand is crucial. The unique collection comprises three beautifully crafted, top-selling Morphy Richards products: the Knife & Chopping Board Sterilizer, the Nesting Meat Grinder and the Multifunctional Cooking Pot. The stylistic imagery used to adorn the products has been inspired by a 15th Century plate within the British Museum’s collection of classic Maiolica.

Maiolica is an artform that was conceived during the Italian Renaissance, which saw mediaeval lead-glazed earthenware elevated by the addition of tin oxides. The tin glaze gave an opaque white surface that was then decorated. Across many regions of Italy, sophisticated pieces such as dishes, bowls and serving vessels were produced for a luxury market, evidence of which can still be found today in some of the country's most exclusive villas and properties.
The Maiolica plate that inspired the design team at Morphy Richards, features a central female figure, Bella Donna, a beautiful lady. The colour palette of cobalt blue, yellow, brown and green, and the use of scale and ladder patterns around the rim, are characteristic of the region in which it was made. These types of plates were usually gifted as declarations of love and tokens of affection. These themes have been carried through into the new product range.
Head Designer at Morphy Richards: “The new range interlaces British design aesthetics with the romantic touch of Italian Maiolica. It fits perfectly within a modern home that also has an appreciation for classic artforms.”
The first product in the range, the Knife & Chopping Board Sterilizer, has been designed to create a streamline, clutter-free environment within the kitchen. The practical use of cleverly colour-coordinated specialised boards and knives, designed to prevent cross-contamination between raw and cooked ingredients, has been married with a dominating yet elegant motif of the Bella Donna.
The versatile Nesting Meat Grinder is the perfect device to prepare each component ahead of cooking. Through the use of smart design, the multi-faceted appliance can be used as a traditional meat grinder, to peel garlic, to make baby food and sauces with consistent, reliable results. The exquisite patterning has also been incorporated onto the three stainless steel metal bowls, continuing the Maiolica theme.
Finally, the Multifunctional Cooking Pot has an array of innovative functions that allows users to fry, stew or steam food whilst making use of a choice between six different styles of pan – each designed to enable a variety of specialist cooking and meal creation techniques. The clean distinctive white background on the surface of the cooking pot is synonymous with traditional Maiolica design as it emphasises the elegant patterning of cobalt blue and the softer warming effect of the earthier tones.

Building on the enchanting collaboration with the British Museum that brought the Italian Renaissance Maiolica into modern homes, Morphy Richards is thrilled to unveil another captivating partnership that marries the whimsical world of literature with cutting-edge appliance technology. This time, the spotlight shines on the beloved intellectual property of “Alice’s Wonderland,” ingeniously integrated into the design of the latest Morphy Richards electric clothes iron. For further details, kindly refer to the following link:

Morphy Richards x British Museum

A celebration of classic British aesthetics through the renaissance of Maiolica