Healthy hydration & pick-me-ups

Looking for a cap that fits your drink preference? We've got you covered with two options. Our blending cap has sharp, hidden "claws" to make fruit juice on the go in 40 seconds. Can't wait? Just switch to the drinking cap and take a swig straight from the blender.

More juicing & less cleaning

For those with the same high cleanliness standards as cats, the portable blender cleans itself—minus the endless hours of grooming! Fill the bottle with soap and water, attach the blending cap, and press the pulse button to leave it squeaky clean in minutes.

Your travelling companion

Imagine a faithful feline companion who yearns to journey alongside you. You can now enjoy a juicy sip wherever you go, without any spills, mess, or stress. This blender's spill-proof and portable design makes it easy to stay hydrated on-the-go, whether at school, work, or the gym.

Reviving the cat goddess
into a playful design

The Gayer-Anderson cat, transformed into an energetic cartoon character,
is sure to inspire fans of ancient Egyptian civilisation and those who adore
their feline companions. Designers encapsulated her famous attributes,
making her easily recognisable with her large eyes, gold detailing,
and Eye of Horus collar.

Endearing designs to enjoy

The Egyptian kitty, in summer-themed designs and colourways, can be seen surfing the waves of the juicer's contents or relaxing on a Pharaoh pool inflatable, making staying hydrated more playful. Fresh smoothies, juice, and milkshakes have never looked so charming.

The cat goddess

The Gayer-Anderson cat is a bronze sculpture on display in the British Museum dating back to around 600 BC. It represents Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of protection, women's secrets, fertility, and childbirth.

The Gayer-Anderson cat shows her in the form of a domesticated feline companion with golden earrings,
a nose ring, and a wedjat-eye pectoral on the chest.

Which one will you choose?

The portable blender from Morphy Richards, blessed by Bastet, is a charming accessory that encourages a healthy lifestyle of staying hydrated on the go. As summer approaches, reflect on what brings you joy. So here comes the question. Would you rather have fun surfing or relax by the pool?