Design Evolution Through the Ages

Founded on the distinct ideologies of Donald Murphy and Charles Richard in 1936, Morphy Richards has forged ahead to become the contemporary appliance hub threading the path of innovation. The brand masterstroke in the manufacturing of the era-defining electric iron popularised Morphy Richards' entrance into the British household.

Britain's 'oldest iron'

Chris West's Morphy Richards Senior Iron, which has been in use for 80 years, was crowned Britain's oldest working iron in an online competition. Initially bought by his grandmother in the 1940s, it became Chris's housewarming gift in the '80s.

A timeless classic

This historic appliance boasts a 1938 launch and a pioneering pilot light design feature. In fact, this is a testament to progressive styling that even the current dry irons still bear the same design features as Morphy Richards's 1937 models.

The enduring legacy of this iron is a source of immense pride for us at Morphy Richards. It serves as a reminder that in the world of design, as in life, excellence is eternal. It reminds us that when we strive for perfection in every curve and detail, we create products that transcend time and become iconic.

Past meets present

In a bid to bring back Morphy Richards's early kettles, the limited edition electric kettle that embodies British aesthetics was designed to commemorate the brand's 80th anniversary. The stainless steel construction, wide opening, and lid with whistle harken back to a bygone era, evoking a sense of elegance and timelessness.

British elegance mixed with
cutting-edge design

Morphy Richards has transformed in recent years, aligning its product line with modern design principles centred on multifunctionality, portability, and a deep respect for British design heritage. This transformation is most evident in the incorporation of self-cleaning functions, powerful steam bursts, a 360-degree swivel cord, and a removable sole plate, among other notable design appearances that exude British aesthetic in the modern-day iron design.

easyCHARGE Power+ Cordless Iron

Smart Iron In Palm

Fusion of design and functionality

The award-winning Morphy Richards Electric Travelling Kettle is another kettle with stainless steel construction that embodies compactness and functionality. Additionally, the unique and stylish vase-shaped appearance makes it stand out from other kettles, and the lightweight design makes it portable for travel.

Thoughtful and modern details

The kettle's stay-cool handle and detachable lid ensure safe handling, even when it's hot. The boil-dry protection feature prevents overheating and extends the lifespan. These also align with the traditional British design aesthetic, emphasizing functionality, simplicity, and durability.

Elevating homes with British aesthetics

By infusing past ideas into the modern appliances landscape, Morphy Richards brings a distinct blend of thoughtful comfort and timeless vibes that tend to the yearnings of modern-day customers.

Our collaborative partnerships with talented individuals and reputable brands worldwide reinfuse past ideas into the modern appliances landscape, upholding Morphy Richards' British aesthetic ethos while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in small appliance design.