Enter the Magical World of Wonderland…

Down, down, down the rabbit hole Alice went, tumbling after the White Rabbit. As her fall came to an end she landed in the mysterious world of Wonderland.

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!”

White, lightweight, slim-line and glides efficiently, like the rabbit himself, speeding through Wonderland. The character was perfectly fitting to adorn one of the best time-saving and efficient products within the catalogue, the Steam Iron.

Wonderland in your own home

The elegant design has been shrouded with intricate gold and red motifs, with the character placed centre stage on the front. Gold netting, ribbons and re-imagined magical flora of Wonderland create a patterning that is reflective of the designers’ eye for small details.

The mystical atmosphere

As the iron glides freely and effortlessly over clothes, it leaves a silky-smooth finish. The continuous steam billows up around the iron, creating a misty atmosphere that transports the user to the foggy forests described within the story.

Reliable in a rush

Just like the White Rabbit himself, many modern households are often in a rush. The quick response time of the ceramic soleplate has been thoughtfully designed for those who are busy but require perfection from their clothing and appearance.

Beauty that lasts

On any one day, you may have an incredible chance encounter as Alice did. By removing unwanted lint and fuzz, the steam iron cares for your clothes and linen and ensures their beauty is preserved. Present yourself in the best possible way.

Experience the magic

By bringing Wonderland into the contemporary home through the Morphy Richards steam iron, you welcome a sense of creative adventure whilst having a product that meets the very high standards that are required in modern society.

A collaborative spark

Inspired by a sheet of nine proof images made from block prints of the original illustrations by John Tenniel in 1865, we chose the White Rabbit to adorn a family favourite product and create a unique experience suited to a modern, fun-loving and creative household. 

Over 150 years ago, Lewis Carroll penned the classic British children's book fantasy – Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In this fantastical land, the young, inquisitive girl explored important moralistic ideas and learnt about who she was. 

A daily enchantment

As Alice emerges from her wild adventures in Wonderland she realises that she will always carry that spark of magic with her.

We want you to leave your house in the morning, just like Alice, seeing the world in a new light, feeling a sense of optimism, an appreciation for beauty, enjoyment and a sense of fun. A touch of magic every day.